Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

Beater drawing of Mr. Wonderful

After a long time without doing a giveaway at tip and heel, not only today I bring you a draw but that also is a tremendous draw!... Beater because Mr. Wonderful, that really cool sponsors it.

If you don't know it already, Mr. Wonderful is dedicated to bring good vibes to your days with all kinds of imaginable objects: covers mobile and iPad, cups of breakfast, books, decor, bodys for baby and a myriad of things filled with positive messages like "You do what you do, do it with passion" or "All you need is love and wifi".

For this reason, we want to brighten the days to one lucky winner with its full agenda of positive messages, weekly Desktop Organizer and breakfast Cup "Today is a good day to smile". So if you want to try your luck only you have to follow these 3 steps:

1. Give to "like" the Facebook page of Mr. Wonderful and tip and heel.

2. Share the giveaway in any of your social networks. You choose: (public mode) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your own blog.

3. Leave a comment on this post with your name in Facebook, address of email and the link where you have shared the giveaway.

You can participate until 31 October at 23:59. The next day will publish the winner, chosen by Sortea2.

Best wishes!

Top 10 campaigns autumn - winter 13/14

Today I bring you a top 10 that will delight lovers of fashion photography. You can also generate very different opinions, because almost infinite are the fashion campaigns and sure I've left out any that you love and some that you detestáis, but it says the proverb that "to taste the colors". Here's my favorite and I hope impatient to know yours!

10 Blumarine

Model: Candice Swanepoel / photographer: Camilla Akrans

Why? Candice is a blonde Angel that has been transformed into sensuality and color, with that aura of mystery that has the lighting of this campaign.

9 Givenchy

Models: Amanda Seyfried, Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. / Photographer: Mert & Marcus

Why? Because Amanda comes out with the Sweatshirt of Bambi and leave the mother and daughter more fashionistas. And because in the male campaign with the Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez.

8 M (owl) berry

Model: Cara Delevingne. / Photographer: Tim Walker

Why? Because it is simple and effective: a topmodel, a simple scenario and owls. Protagonist bags have the role.

7 Carolina Herrera

Model: Mirte Maas. / Photographer: Nathalie Goldberg

Why? For its well-understood minimalism and its surreal air.

6 Fendi

Models: Cara Delevingne and Braw Saskia. / Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

Why? Because face is sublime and the views of Rome are exceptional. And because not always succeeds Karl play the photographers and this time it has embroidered it.

5 Prada

11 models, which include: Catherine McNeil and Christy Turlington, Fei Fei Sun, Freja Beha Erichsen. / Photographer: Steven Meisel

Why? Because before leaving home all have much glamour, but if ever you have returned at 7 in the morning you will understand this decline of glamour.

4. Dolce & Gabbana

Models: Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci, Andrea Diaconu and Kate King. / Photographer: Domenico Dolce

Why? Because no one wants to die, but if it did Anna dello Russo would like a funeral like this.

3 Donna Karan

Models: Catherine McNeil and Andres Velencoso. / Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Why? Because it's sexy and evocative, the photographs are impeccable and serves as an excuse to see Velencoso.

2 Versace

Model: Kate Moss. / Photographer: Mert & Marcus

Why? Because MOSS. It is she, the unsurpassed icon. And chestnut leaves. And goes naked. And full of color. And retouched, but it is Kate Moss.

1 Kenzo

Models: Sean O'pry, Rinko Kikuchi and a cat / photographer: Pierpaolo Ferrari

Why? Because they do not sell clothes, sell an idea. A brand. An exceptional photograph.

What are your favorite?

Remember that you can still participate in the beater draw from Mr. Wonderful by clicking here!

Shopping & trends: footwear trends winter 2014

If this blog is called tip and heel is not for another reason why addiction to shoes who writes you. So today I do honor to this name bringing a review of trends in shoes for autumn / winter. There are four main trends: slippers, boots, grunge, boots high and tip shoes, but this does not mean that other shoes have gone out of fashion, as in the case of the dancers, the pumps or the sneakers with wedge which caused so much furor last season and this year returning to versioning shops.

Ultracomodo footwear for everyday, I recommend the slippers, that shoe halfway between the dancers and the moccasins. Similar to a shoe homespun, you will find them with numerous prints and embellishments. I have a H & m with a golden chain and I'm delighted! They are fantastic for every day.

Within the grunge fashion trend, the biker style, with tacks, type Dr.Martens boots... are a fantastic option for casual looks. In shops you will find thousands of versions, but my favorite - as usual - is the more feminine: those of Aldo Jet type applications.

This trend already I wrote in this post with global trends of the season. High boots type rider again, both flat as in version heel. You can merge with the trend grunge with tacks or use them at night looks in black and with a heel. I am only asking a favor: no superéis 3cm knee unless you have extra long and thin legs. For your good.

Finally, tip shoes also returning after several years out of the arena. The truth is that I know a variety of opinions: those to which love her femininity and her retro, and those to which seem very uncomfortable. In my case, I am of the second group, but I recognize that they can be aesthetically contribute much to your looks.

What do you think about these trends? Do you already have any of these shoes?

Remember that you can still participate in the beater draw from Mr. Wonderful by clicking here!

The celebrities cut by the sound

This season hair trends are varied. XXL Manes continue, but contrasted with another trend that comes stomping: the pixie cut. The absolute short, "a boy", is the trend chosen by the celebrities for the hair.

Miley Cyrus controversy began his more rebellious stage precisely with this haircut, radical in his case being extracorto by the sides with long bangs. In the case of Anne Hathaway were script demands that led him to get rid of his mane, although change was flattering, also with long bangs even more tight on the sides.

Jessie J shaved absolutely head on a television program to raise funds for the victims of sexual abuse. A laudable motive which, after a few months with the shaved head, has resulted in the pixie's fashion. Similar to the case of Anne Hathaway is the Spanish Elsa Pataky, that was also cut the hair by opting for a relatively long short screenplay demands.

Some celebrities were driving forces behind this cut until it became the rage of Hollywood, as it is the case of Ginnifer Goodwin, the protagonist of "Once upon a time", committed by a casual cut; or Michelle Williams, whom he especially favors your pixie with volume.

Even more pioneering are the singers Pink and Soraya Arnelas, that for years coin this haircut as its hallmark.

Others such as Beyonce signed up recently and Rihanna we have seen him look this cut of thousands of changes of look that used to look. Undoubtedly it is a very healthy for our hair bet, because there is nothing more refreshing that radically cut it.

Dare you with this cut?

When was I an it-girl

All of them were called it-girls at a time, but most do not retain your status. We reviewed what was 5 it-girls that promised to find out if fulfilled that promise.

Rachel Bilson has always been a "little girl well". Its refined style with a casual touch already accumulated numerous fans beyond 2007 and, where appropriate, has been improving even more with age and evolving trends. Verdict: it is still an it girl.

Lindsay Lohan was a Disney girl who rebelled (as many others), but in the world of fashion was very accepted thanks to his style in tendency during her paper. In fact, he even starring in several fashion campaigns but the excesses, the problems with the law and their excessive aesthetic operations ended emphatically with the slightest hint of glamour. Verdict: your time spent.

We owe to Cory Kennedy much. She was the first style icon that came exclusively from Internet. The Cobra Snake and Myspace rose to the top with only 15 years, because it was also the first to coin this style with decadent airs as usual in celebrities and trendsetters today. However, although it retains the same style, when they surfaced more it-girls on the net and came the blogger boom fell into oblivion - although he continues to live the story. Verdict: your time spent.

The companion of Rachel in "The OC", mythical series starring Mischa Barton put fashion style boho alongside Nicole Richie, Ibiza skirts, the headbands... but as in the case of Lohan, excesses played him a trick, and even though it has tried to recover its status of it-girl and her figure, it has not been enough to be a style icon. Verdict: your time spent.

One of the great icons of modern fashion, Alexa Chung, can boast of carrying many years being classified as an it girl. Already by 2004 we saw her in "The Cobra Snake" trendsetter and achieved great success with its program of fashion. It has not lost one iota of its essence during these years and, although not everyone likes his casual style, one cannot deny that it remains at the top. Verdict: it is still an it girl.

And you what you think it will be face Delevingne or Olivia Palermo in a few years?