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When was I an it-girl

All of them were called it-girls at a time, but most do not retain your status. We reviewed what was 5 it-girls that promised to find out if fulfilled that promise.

Rachel Bilson has always been a "little girl well". Its refined style with a casual touch already accumulated numerous fans beyond 2007 and, where appropriate, has been improving even more with age and evolving trends. Verdict: it is still an it girl.

Lindsay Lohan was a Disney girl who rebelled (as many others), but in the world of fashion was very accepted thanks to his style in tendency during her paper. In fact, he even starring in several fashion campaigns but the excesses, the problems with the law and their excessive aesthetic operations ended emphatically with the slightest hint of glamour. Verdict: your time spent.

We owe to Cory Kennedy much. She was the first style icon that came exclusively from Internet. The Cobra Snake and Myspace rose to the top with only 15 years, because it was also the first to coin this style with decadent airs as usual in celebrities and trendsetters today. However, although it retains the same style, when they surfaced more it-girls on the net and came the blogger boom fell into oblivion - although he continues to live the story. Verdict: your time spent.

The companion of Rachel in "The OC", mythical series starring Mischa Barton put fashion style boho alongside Nicole Richie, Ibiza skirts, the headbands... but as in the case of Lohan, excesses played him a trick, and even though it has tried to recover its status of it-girl and her figure, it has not been enough to be a style icon. Verdict: your time spent.

One of the great icons of modern fashion, Alexa Chung, can boast of carrying many years being classified as an it girl. Already by 2004 we saw her in "The Cobra Snake" trendsetter and achieved great success with its program of fashion. It has not lost one iota of its essence during these years and, although not everyone likes his casual style, one cannot deny that it remains at the top. Verdict: it is still an it girl.

And you what you think it will be face Delevingne or Olivia Palermo in a few years?

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