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Shopping & trends: footwear trends winter 2014

If this blog is called tip and heel is not for another reason why addiction to shoes who writes you. So today I do honor to this name bringing a review of trends in shoes for autumn / winter. There are four main trends: slippers, boots, grunge, boots high and tip shoes, but this does not mean that other shoes have gone out of fashion, as in the case of the dancers, the pumps or the sneakers with wedge which caused so much furor last season and this year returning to versioning shops.

Ultracomodo footwear for everyday, I recommend the slippers, that shoe halfway between the dancers and the moccasins. Similar to a shoe homespun, you will find them with numerous prints and embellishments. I have a H & m with a golden chain and I'm delighted! They are fantastic for every day.

Within the grunge fashion trend, the biker style, with tacks, type Dr.Martens boots... are a fantastic option for casual looks. In shops you will find thousands of versions, but my favorite - as usual - is the more feminine: those of Aldo Jet type applications.

This trend already I wrote in this post with global trends of the season. High boots type rider again, both flat as in version heel. You can merge with the trend grunge with tacks or use them at night looks in black and with a heel. I am only asking a favor: no superéis 3cm knee unless you have extra long and thin legs. For your good.

Finally, tip shoes also returning after several years out of the arena. The truth is that I know a variety of opinions: those to which love her femininity and her retro, and those to which seem very uncomfortable. In my case, I am of the second group, but I recognize that they can be aesthetically contribute much to your looks.

What do you think about these trends? Do you already have any of these shoes?

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